Detailing Products and Supplies

Legacy Auto Detailing is Las Vegas' exclusive retailer of professional grade car care products from P&S, The Last Detail, and The Rag Company. As an authorized installer of Opti-Coat, Legacy Auto Detailing also carries the Opti-Coat Maintenance Line for consumer or professional use.

We stock everything from professional grade car wash soaps, interior cleaners, polishes, waxes, dressings, wheel cleaners, and towels, to the tools you'll need to apply them, and even consumer grade ceramic coatings. The best part is that we don't carry the same products and brands you'll find at all the other automotive chain stores, we only carry professional grade products that we ourselves use, and that you aren't going to find in a store anywhere else in Las Vegas.

P&S Detail Products - Official Product Line of Air Force One and McCall Detailing Teams

We carry the full line of P&S products in our store. Including the Double Black Renny Doyle Collection, featuring industry favorites such as Bead Maker, Paint Gloss, Brake Buster, Pearl Auto Shampoo, and Inspiration Ceramic Coating. Through P&S Detail Products, Legacy Auto Detailing has what you need to clean, correct, and protect your vehicle from top to bottom with professional quality results while remaining extremely easy to use.

The Rag Company - Premium Microfiber

The Rag Company has supplied us with the highest quality microfiber towels for all of our detailing needs since we started in 2015. We're proud to now offer those same premium microfiber towels to our customers. We carry microfiber towels for all of your detailing needs; whether you need to safely dry your vehicle, buff off a wax, level a sealant or coating, clean up your vehicle's interior, or clean that stubborn glass without leaving behind streaks, Legacy Auto Detailing has your solution through The Rag Company's premium microfiber towels.

The Last Detail - Last Cut Compounding Glaze

The Last Detail's first and only product so far; but it's such an amazing product that Jace Price, the owner and creator of the product, is already a known name in the industry. This extremely versatile compounding glaze has some very important key features that make it so great: glaze-like properties that work wonders to combat heat build-up while working (which is incredibly important when correcting paint), diminishing abrasives that allow heavy cut while maintaining the ability to finish well, no fillers (which means you see the true finish of the worked surface - no defects are hidden), and finally, no solvents that cause staining of plastic trim pieces when you're correcting adjacent paintwork. This product can also be used for any step of the correction process - with a light polishing pad, this product can be used for the final finishing polish step after you use it with a heavy cut pad to correct out the defects. If you need a versatile and reliable product for your paint correction then look no further, Last Cut Compounding Glaze will surpass your expectations.