interior detailing in Henderson, NV


Our interior detailing services are designed to get your vehicle's interior looking, smelling, and feeling as fresh as possible. Whether your vehicle is typically pampered and only has a light layer of dust, or if it's your family hauler that has seen better days, we'll detail it to its fullest potential.

Interior detailing can mean a lot of different things. It could mean a simple but thorough dusting, it could mean a deep cleaning and shampooing with an extractor, it could mean steam cleaning and disinfecting every surface, it could mean intricately cleaning every crevice, crack, and air vent with fine brushes, and often a combination of a few of these services.What that means for you is that whatever your interior detailing needs may be, we can inspect your vehicle, assess its needs for you, and devise your own custom detail to meet and exceed your expectations.

Maintain & Protect - $40

  • Vacuum of full interior, including trunk.
  • Gentle clean and wipe down of all interior non-fabric and glass surfaces.
  • UV inhibiting, anti-static conditioning dressing is applied to all leathers, plastics, and vinyls.
  • Interior glass, mirrors, and instrument gauges are cleaned and protected.

Crack & Crevice Detail + Maintain & Protect - $100

  • Includes everything listed in Maintain & Protect, plus all of the hard to reach spaces, cracks, and crevices are painstakingly detailed using a combination of compressed air, boar’s hair brushes and many other fine detailing tools. This is the service for you when you want your interior spotless, but a maintenance cleaning won’t cut it and you don’t have any heavy soil or stains that need to be addressed.

Interior Deep Clean Detail + Protect - $200

  • Includes everything listed in Maintain & Protect, plus a deep cleaning of all carpets, mats, seats, panels, and trim. This service addresses heavy soil and grime, includes stain removal, and the sanitization of all interior surfaces using steam.

Full Interior Deep Clean + Crevice Detail + Protect - $250

  • Includes everything listed in Maintain & Protect, Crack & Crevice Detail, and Interior Deep Clean Detail. This bundled package gets your vehicle’s interior the most involved and thorough cleaning we can do. When you have the worst interior, or want the best cleaning available, then this is the interior option for you. All surfaces get deep cleaned and sanitized, all cracks and crevices get carefully cleaned out, and once your vehicle’s interior is spotless, all leather, plastic, and vinyl surfaces are protected.